Hello! My name is Mary.

I’m an artist, a mother, a grandmother & a gardener. I make freezer jams. Years ago my mother taught me how to make freezer jam from freshly picked fruit. Raspberry and strawberry were her favorites. My mom grew up on a farm during the Great American Depression. The times were simple back then and the joys were simple too – the pleasure of picking berries with your family, the sweet taste of strawberry juice as you sink your teeth into the berry you just picked, the beauty of fresh red raspberries, easily plucked off of their canes. These pleasures, I’d like to think, are contained in the jars of freezer jams we make here at the Palace Green from that fresh fruit. PALACE GREEN® Freezer Jam is the freshest tasting and most versatile jam sold. Sometimes we meet people who make their own freezer jam and we think that’s great. But for those who don’t, we are here for you! Why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy this superior flavor?

We are a homegrown North Carolina company. We started in a home kitchen in Cary, NC then moved on to a farmhouse commercial kitchen in Rose Hill, NC. We have a passion for what we do. We carefully hand craft our small batch jams for #freezerjamfans and #freezerjamfamily. We proudly make PALACE GREEN® Freezer Jam!

Where can you buy PALACE GREEN® Freezer Jam? Whole Foods Market at Waverly Place, Cary NC, plus other Southeastern WFM’s – The Butchers Market, Cary NC – NOFO @the Pig, Raleigh NC – NC State Farmers Market, Raleigh, NC at the Mae Farm Meats booth – Ninja Cow Farm, Garner NC.

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