The PALACE GREEN® is different – we freeze jam instead of boiling it. We make freezer jam because we love it’s superior fresh-fruit flavor. We don’t cook out “all the good stuff” in the fruit. So our freezer jams retain all their fresh-fruit flavor – instead of losing it.

  • PALACE GREEN® Freezer Jam is versatile.  It delights young and old alike. Stir it into your yogurt, top off a dessert or spoon it onto toast. We use the same old-fashioned method of fruit preservation that your grandmother did years ago.
  • Keep your freezer jam in the refrigerator. It is not shelf-stable ( meaning you shouldn’t keep it in a pantry. ) It should keep for up to a year refrigerated. But most families finish a jar well before that time.
  • If you want to hide our freezer jams from hungry mouths, it can be kept in the freezer for a year. This is where the name “freezer jam” came from. Also, some folks prefer to eat our jam frosty from the freezer rather than from the refrigerator. This is sometimes a seasonal choice.
  • We’re passionate about freezer jam.  We carefully hand-craft our small batch jams for families around the country. Click the Order Now tab below to find all the available flavors.

Our company, The Palace Green LLC is a homegrown North Carolina company. Starting in a home kitchen, then moving to a rural farmhouse kitchen, we’ve been blessed to be part of the rich agricultural heritage of NC. Strawberry farming itself, has a long history in Rose Hill, North Carolina. Got to Be NC

You can find The PALACE GREEN® Farmhouse Freezer Jams in stores like Whole Foods Market and the NC State Farmer’s Market ( at the Mae Farm Meats booth indoors. )

The_Palace_Green-6We make Fresh Raw Strawberry, Fresh Raw Raspberry, Fresh Raw Peach, Fresh Raw Blackberry and Spiced Blueberry Freezer Jams. Enjoy!


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