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You could have better! You could have PALACE GREEN® Freezer Jam! Here at the Palace Green we freeze jam instead of cooking it. SO YOU can have ALL the fresh fruit flavor!

This stuff will change your mind about jam. We love it! You will too. We make freezer jams for your family because we are crazy about fresh-fruit flavor. We don’t want to cook out “all the good stuff.” Our process retains a fruit’s just-picked-flavor and nutrients.

Consider this~

  • PALACE GREEN® Freezer Jams are versatile.  It delights young and old alike. Stir it into the kids yogurt.  Impress guests with dessert covered in bright fresh freezer jam. Wake up morning toast by the spoonful, ( bagels & cream cheese never had it so good. ) Plus, PLUS,  you can make fantastic PBJ’s for lunch!
  • Your grandmother would approve. We are using the same small batch method of fruit preservation that your grandparents did on the farm. Good memories of grandma spring forth each time a jar is opened. Our customers tell us this constantly. Wish we could meet all your grandmas!
  • Keep your freezer jam in the refrigerator. You should not keep this in a Pantry – It should be kept cold – for as long as a year, in your refrigerator. Most families finish a jar well before then.
  • If you must hide your freezer jam from hungry mouths, it may be stored in the freezer for a full year. This is where the name “freezer jam” came from. Some folks prefer to eat freezer jam frosty, straight from the freezer, rather than from the refrigerator. This is a personal choice, and sometimes varies by season.

We’re passionate about freezer jam.  We carefully hand-craft our small batch jams for families all around the country.

Buy Now Here or find PALACE GREEN® Freezer Jam in stores, like Whole Foods Market in the frozen fruit section.

Enjoy PALACE GREEN® Fresh Raw Strawberry Freezer Jam, Fresh Raw Raspberry Freezer Jam, Fresh Raw Peach Freezer Jam, Fresh Raw Blackberry Freezer Jam & Fresh Raw Spiced Blueberry Freezer Jam!

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