The PALACE GREEN ® makes freezer jams because frozen jam tastes better and doesn’t cook out “all the good stuff.” Because we freeze our jams instead of cooking them, we retain the fresh fruit flavor instead of giving you the cooked fruit taste that you are used to in jams and jellies. We use an old fashioned method of fruit preservation made in farmhouse kitchens decades ago called “freezer jam.”  Freezer jams are enjoying a revival among families that look for fresh foods preserved in new-old ways. The Palace Green ® celebrates past traditions linking modern breakfast tables to past preservation techniques. Root cellars, long a thing of the past, used cold temperatures and cane sugar to keep summer fruit harvests preserved throughout the year. In a similar way, the Palace Green ® keeps berries bright and fresh for family tables by mixing pure cane sugar and pectin into newly harvested fruit and juice. The resulting jams are then quickly frozen for preservation throughout the year. When ready for use Palace Green ® freezer jams are simply thawed and stored in a home refrigerator. Once again a summer’s harvest is preserved for a year of use at family tables.

The Palace Green LLC is a homegrown North Carolina company. Started in a Cary, NC  home kitchen, it moved to it’s own Farmhouse Kitchen in Rose Hill, NC  in 2017. Passionate for freezer jam,  they carefully hand-craft their small batch freezer jams for #freezerjamfans around the country.

PALACE GREEN ® Freezer Jams are sold here. Our retail locations include Whole Foods Market Cary, NC. The NC State Farmer’s Market (at the Mae Farm Meats booth), Ninja Cow Farm, Garner NC, and Billy’s Pork and Beef, Wallace, NC.

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