Hello! My name is Mary.

I’m a mother, an artist, a grandmother, and a gardener. Years ago my mother taught me to make Raspberry Freezer Jam from freshly picked fruit. I raised my own two sons on the stuff and then decided to offer the public an opportunity to know and love freezer jams. That’s how The PALACE GREEN ® came to be. Freezer jam was simply the best style of jam and I wanted to provide it for other families. Some people have a Grannie or Great aunt who can make it, but what about those who do not? Why shouldn’t others be able to enjoy it’s superior flavor?

So  The PALACE GREEN ® was born. I traveled the state to locate the farmers who could provide the sweetest berries and the plumpest peaches for our all natural freezer jams. It was during this search that our company’s first value was born – Respect for the Farmer. We carefully hand crafted our small batch jams for our #freezerjamfans.

We are a homegrown North Carolina company. We have a passion for what we do. We proudly make PALACE GREEN ® Freezer Jams.

Where can you buy them? Whole Foods Market in the Southeast, The Butchers Market, Cary-Raleigh NC,  NOFO @the Pig, Raleigh NC, Southern Season, Chapel Hill NC, Vomm Fass Waverly Place, Cary NC – to name a few. We add new stores all the time. Need to ship it? – Order right here on our website.

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